I spent the entire night trying to debug a showstopper bug I came across.

I put all those videocards into our computer, and noticed that windows would smear or draw incorrectly when moved across GPUs. I don't remember noticing it before when I had set up the GX2s back in the corner, but I can't recall having observed it being *correct* in these cases either. Although using it more while debugging, it is super annoying so I think I would have noticed.

I posted about it on Nvidia's forums, and linked them a video (had to host on my own because Google doesn't want me to put files over 11mb in the locker). I hope someone has a solution. If not, then the display side is kind of screwed.

It seems possible that it could be a bug in Xgl, but again, I am surprised I did not notice sooner. When I run a window manager on the display Xgl draws into, I can kind of manipulate the glitch by causing Xgl to redraw sometimes myself. That would kind of imply it is a problem with Xgl and/or (maybe) Damage, but the fact that it primarily occurs across gpus points back to Nvidia.

It figures something like this would take me down a notch right after I get a proof of concept going for the display correction.


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