Compiz plugins

I've been spending all day digging further into the Compiz code. Cscope in Vim has been pretty helpful as far as enabling me to jump around and look at things quickly. I don't think it has fundamentally improved my process, only made me faster. I've basically been looking through the code that does the cube rotation to try and see where it sets up the cube geometry and texture maps the composited desktop.

I feel like I'm getting close, but there is a weird lack of OpenGL in spots where I would have expected it to be. Obviously, I need to read more..

Tonight I was talking on irc to the guy who wrote MPX. I've been talking to him periodically since maybe week 7 or 8 last quarter. He suggested I re-email the Austrians who did Compiz work similar to mine and drop his name. I also noticed that I had emailed the professor who probably just deletes all his email every morning anyways.

So I emailed the students who worked on the project instead, this time. I hope they come back with something interesting. I'm a little nervous because the whole project depends on me now since we cannot resolve the projector overlaps mechanically.

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