Today I picked up this Logitech camera. It maybe is better software-wise because it is a UVC (usb video class) camera, so it has a standard driver interface. Semi-standard anyway: I have not researched it *too* in-depth yet, but it seems like they have to periodically update the UVC driver for new cameras.

Playing with a few apps, I can change resolution & fps of the logitech camera pretty easily on my laptop. At first, it had a lag like the Playstation Eye. Which sounds bad, but that implies it wasn't necessarily the Eye driver that was laggy. Fiddling with the settings, it seems to have gotten faster. It is actually running at a pretty low latency now on my laptop, although it seems to kind of smear images at a high framerate.

This beckons me now to go back and tinker with the Eye some more. I may take these over to Jas' house later tonight.

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