Webcams Part 2 & more

So today I built a 2.6.29 kernel, and the PS3 Eye driver on there seems ok. I still have a couple app compatibility wrinkles, where some things run fine against my Logitech camera. But Eddie's opencv test app works fine on it (most important), and mplayer shows video off it with low latency (also good.)

By the time we will be done in June, Ubuntu 9.04 will have been out for a month. 9.04 won't have 2.6.29 though, I don't think. Last I read, they were planning to hold off on it, anyway. It will have the next X.org release though, which has the MPX code merged in -- so it supports multiple pointers. I hope I have time at the end to implement a basic mouse driver.

I am sitting at home now watching this video about Git. Git is the scm tool that Jose set up for us last quarter. I made a Google Code account for us also, so we can do SVN via Google as well. I don't think I'd want to pick one or the other until I researched the discussion about them.

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