Eddie was asking me today about what the problem was with the PS3 eye.

This is what I did with it last week:
I tried one set of drivers from some guy's repository who seemed to be the most popular via Google. The best I could get out of the camera with his drivers were audio. I then tried the drivers by a guy from nuigroup, who modified the first guy's drivers. The thread on nuigroup for this set of drivers had several people posting success using them. When I used them however, I was getting about 1 second lag on the video.

Some details:
  • The drivers being used comes as part of a huge pile of webcam drivers that people are maintaining. I happen to be building all of them and installing them on my laptop.
  • My laptop runs 64-bit Linux, so there may be a gotcha there. I could try on my desktop, which is 32-bit.
  • The nuigroup guy's drivers I used were from Feb 15. I ought to post on there or talk to him about my issue, see if it is known.
  • The driver is otherwise nice: I'm able to select 16 different camera modes. I was getting something like 125fps out of the camera @ 320x240 -- just lagged by 1 second.
  • Apparently this driver will be in the 2.6.29 kernel

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