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I emailed a guy I know who gives really, REALLY good presentations for general tips and things that he thinks about when he makes his presentations. All of his presentations that I have seen are technical in nature but are still very engaging.

This is what he wrote to me:
You are telling a story.

More than anything else, *that* is what matters. You are telling a
tale, with twists, turns, surprises, and a moral at the end. Timing is
critical. If it's an hour presentation, no individual phase should last
longer than 5 minutes. If it's a 30 minute presentation, 3 minutes. If
it's a 10 minute presentation, it's beginning, middle, and end. If it's
a 5 minute presentation, it's context and discovery.

Slides: You are not talking to your slides. If you are delivering
slides to be read later, you can have lots of detail. But your slides
are a vague reference, just enough to remind you of the story.

Never say um. Just be silent.

Eye contact -- pick one person, in each area of your audience, who you
are speaking to. Don't be too piercing about it, but very much imagine
you are convincing or educating that *one* person. Feel their
understanding, or lack thereof, as you are talking to that one person.
As they understand, be proud. As they are confused, roll back.

Don't be afraid to drop material if it doesn't fit into the storyline.
Better to say less and explain more.

Remember. Tell a story!

It might be a little too late now to build an overarching narrative, but we have pieces of them in our presentation now. I will try to consider some of these suggestions for the things I talk about during my slides.

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  1. Wow!! If I think about it as storytelling it seems so much easier.