Bad Memory

Last night I was in lab for a long time trying to get multimonitor output to work with Jose's cards in my computer.

I probably should have kept a precise log of my actions in some kind of notebook for engineering, but this is my recollection of how things went down:

1) I updated to the latest bios and tried to do multimonitor output with my existing config. No go. Note: this was stable, however
2) I tried to boot from my old laptop hd over usb, but I could not boot because I had to change some settings on the hd.
3-0) I either booted a Knoppix cd before or after the bios update, and it ran fine. Subsequent boots did not produce a properly running Knoppix. Sometimes I got assertion failures on boot.
4) My desktop install would have trouble booting.
5) I changed the usb hd settings on my laptop, then tried to boot it. Had weird hangs or segfaults.
6) Pulled some ram, things began to work.
7) Burned a memtest86 cd, started testing ram.
8) Eventually tested each piece of ram individually, all came back bad. That means I have 4gb of bad ram in my computer which otherwise was very stable.

So what seems to have happened is

  • My ram is bad. OR

  • My motherboard is bad. OR

  • I simply seated my memory wrong.

I hope I can narrow it down today. Does anyone have access to a motherboard that uses DDR2 memory?

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