HDMI & multihead

I had the idea this afternoon of trying to use the HDMI output on our videocards.

This has the benefit of slightly easing the multimonitor work, while also freeing up 3 GPUs for nothing but CUDA down the road if we end up implementing it.

I picked up an hdmi-to-dvi adapter from Santa Cruz Electronics today, but it doesn't fit on the card at the same time as a normal dvi plug. So I need to either pick up an hdmi extension cable tonight, or return this adapter tomorrow and get a kit that has a cable extension.

Still trying to decide if I should try and pick one up tonight. I'm rerunning memory tests on my computer now. The ram seems to be passing now if I try it in some different dimm slots. That isn't as bad as last night, but still somewhat discouraging.

Once I get the computer up again, I need to try a couple kernel options to see if I can get multihead to work. If that doesn't work, then I will try the other video card. If that doesn't work, then maybe both cards together. I think I had one more idea after that. EDIT: this was VGA pallete snoop option and disabling UseEvents.

If multihead still doesn't work after all these things, then it may be an incompatibility with my motherboard. I could possibly pick up another from Fry's, or we could try and get another PC from Jose. If multihead STILL doesn't work (and at this point things are shady, because Nvidia's documentation says that what I am trying to do IS supported) then we are kind of SOL and will need to look into Chromium.

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