Exponential Push [Winter]

I have to do an exponential push tonight on my CS115 project, but after that I can mostly throw myself at our Scimp stuff. I would like to finalize the block diagram (going to send the teachers my current one tonight) and the charter, then pitch in on the final report.

The writing discussion today in class bothered me a little bit. I am conflicted on the subject. I used to think I was a decent writer, because I've always gotten decent grades on things. My worst writing assignment in 123A has been an A-. I did pretty well in 185. In prior GE's I've popped out papers pretty quick, and been complimented to my face by the teacher on my writing quality.

In my GE this quarter, however, the TA has been ruthless in eviscerating my work. Granted, the paper I am thinking of in that case I did crank out *really* fast, and I didn't feel too good about the prompt to begin with, but it still plants doubt in my head.

How well written is this post?

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  1. Seems well written enough to me.

    If you've been getting A's, then you're probably not one of the people the professors have been talking about.

    How did the exponential push go? I've been involved in one or two of those the past few days for CE125.