I am still ambivalent about how to maintain my email conversations for this project. I just now emailed the teachers a copy of the block diagram from my non-scimp gmail address, with a CC to our group. I did this because I wanted the mail to hit the group without me writing a bunch of CCs for us, and I want to keep most all of my scimp activity (vs. just 123 class activity) in my gmail.

I set up my main gmail so it will pick up my scimp mail as another pop3 account, so I can send as the scimp address if I choose to. That particular address seems to be a little bit of an anachronism now though, because my main gmail address is already attached to 2 mailing lists now.

Maybe we should add our scimp addresses to our internal list? Also, it may be convenient to have a scimp alias "teachers" that expands to Kip, Petersen, and Dave so I don't even have to write lengthy CCs for them.

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